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« Dans la communauté, il y a une crainte ­de perte de contrôle », explique Eleonore Pauwels, du projet sur La Woodrow Wilson Center. «  La Chine fait énormément de séquençage de plantes, d’animaux, d’êtres humains. Elle est vue comme un acteur qui pourrait ne pas jouer le jeu  », ajoute l’analyste.

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Le Monde: Le génie génétique face au risque eugéniste

Eleonore Pauwels : « On ne sait pas communiquer sur la modification du génome »

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Le Monde

“What’s missing in the conversation is how we adopt all of these technologies to a society that considers well-being for all,” Eleonore Pauwels, a bioethicist at the Wilson Center, told Gizmodo. “There is already an access problem. But what about when we’re editing out diseases? Who will pay for CRISPR? We are looking at much more disruption in the future.”

“People have to have access to healthcare services, and [genetic testing] needs to be part of what those services include,” she told Gizmodo. “If you don’t have access to testing and termination services—or support if you continue the pregnancy—you don’t really have a choice about what to do. It’s not a choice if you’re backed into a corner.”

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Gizmodo|Will Healthcare Inequality Cause Genetic Diseases to Disproportionately Impact the Poor?

In a 2013 article for Nature, Eleonore Pauwels called this reliance on engineering and computing metaphors reductionist, sometimes riskily so. “In the lab, I think it can lead to a little too much hubris, because the metaphors lead you to believe that you can control these systems.” Clarity, she found, often comes at the expense of accuracy and truth.

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 “As soon as you don’t make any health claims and don’t assess risks and benefits, you are in that gray zone where you are using your First Amendment rights, you’re just communicating,” Pauwels said. “That could be an issue that comes under the FDA at some point. We might see more and more phenomena of that kind.”

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Buzzfeed|This Guy Says He’s The First Person To Attempt Editing His DNA With CRISPR

“I strongly fear that, without a robust structure for conducting risk-assessment and handling risk and liability issues, the Ascendance Biomedical model will only transfer all these heavy, complex responsibilities to individuals at their own cost and peril,” wrote Eleonore Pauwels, a science policy expert at the Woodrow Wilson International Center and an expert in genomics.

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BBC|Why I injected myself with an untested gene therapy

Lack of public awareness makes it difficult to conduct a wide-ranging debate over a technology’s pros and cons, said Eleonore Pauwels, a research associate at the Wilson Center. “It is still at the stage of hype, and promises, and new funding coming in,” she told NBC News. “When you don’t have a lot of information, you only have the buzz or the hype.”

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NBC News|Questions swarm around synthetic biology’s impact on Mother Nature